About Us

Mango Birodalom Ltd. is a trader of tropical dried fruit and coconut oil.

Our products are imported from the Philippines in South-East Asia, directly from the largest and most renowned manufacturers of the country.

Our fruits are imported from the island of Cebu, from the most advanced drying factory of the region, which sources its raw material from the farmers directly. Thus, not only is the quality verified and the best prices guaranteed, but our business also benefits local fruit farmers and small communities working on plantations.

With a number of proven health benefits, coconut oil is imported from Mindanao, the second largest member of the island group, also from the most renowned manufacturer of the country.

These products are exported to every part of the world, including the USA, China and Japan.

Like the fruit, the oil travels a long way from inside the coconut and the palm tree leaves to the kitchens of European consumers, but the quality assurance methods and food safety measures employed guarantee world-class quality.

Our products are verified on a regular basis by SGS, the world’s leading quality assurance and certification organization (www.sgs.com).

We believe in the power of personal relations, which is why we not only serve our customers with quality products through a trade center and stock in Hungary, but also with a branch office in the Philippines.

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